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Ranking Gênero Música/Artista
  • This Charming Man The Smiths
  • Cattle and Cane The Go-Betweens
  • There is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths
  • 100,000 Fireflies The Magnetic Fields
  • Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken Camera Obscura
  • Sensitive The Field Mice
  • Rip it Up Orange Juice
  • Shine On The House of Love
  • The State I Am Belle and Sebastian
  • 10º
    Indian Summer Beat Happening
  • 11º
    Pink Frost The Chills
  • 12º
    I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives Television Personalities
  • 13º
    Here's Where the Story Ends The Sundays
  • 14º
    Million Tears The Pastels
  • 15º
    How Soon is Now? The Smiths
  • 16º
    Lee Remick The Go-Betweens
  • 17º
    Talulah Gosh Talulah Gosh
  • 18º
    You and Me Song The Wannadies
  • 19º
    Throw Aggi Off the Bridge Black Tambourine
  • 20º
    A Girl Like You Edwyn Collins
  • 21º
    Emma's House The Field Mice
  • 22º
    Happy Hour The Housemartins
  • 23º
    Lovefool The Cardigans
  • 24º
    Birthday The Sugarcubes
  • 25º
    Bachelor Kisses The Go-Betweens
  • 26º
    Tool Heavenly
  • 27º
    Young Folks Peter, Bjorn and John
  • 28º
    Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? The Wedding Present
  • 29º
    The Concept Teenage Fanclub
  • 30º
    My Favourite Game The Cardigans
  • 31º
    Funny Little Frog Belle and Sebastian
  • 32º
    Primitive Painters Felt
  • 33º
    Truck Train Tractor The Pastels
  • 34º
    I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You Shop Assistants
  • 35º
    French Navy Camera Obscura
  • 36º
    The Book of Love The Magnetic Fields
  • 37º
    You Should All Be Murdered Another Sunny
  • 38º
    Teenage Caveman Beat Happening
  • 39º
    Caravan of Love The Housemartins
  • 40º
    Bewitched Beat Happening
  • 41º
    Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye feat. Kimbra
  • 42º
    Your Arms Around Me Jens Lekman
  • 43º
    Hand in Glove The Smiths
  • 44º
    Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap
  • 45º
    Dying for It The Vaselines
  • 46º
    I'm a Cuckoo Belle and Sebastian
  • 47º
    Twee Tullycrafy
  • 48º
    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now The Smiths
  • 49º
    We Are Young fun. feat. Janelle Monáe
  • 50º
    Blue Boy Orange Juice
  • 51º
    Pristine Christine The Sea Urchins
  • 52º
    Suffer for Fashion Of Montreal
  • 53º
    Our Secret Beat Happening
  • 54º
    Falling and Laughing Orange Juice
  • 55º
    For Ex-Lovers Only Black Tambourine
  • 56º
    Streets of Your Town The Go-Betweens
  • 57º
    Erase/Rewind The Cardigans
  • 58º
    A-Punk Vampire Weekend
  • 59º
    Legal Man Belle and Sebastian
  • 60º
    This Angry Silence Television Personalities
  • 61º
    Song for Whoever The Beautiful South
  • 62º
    You Keep It All In The Beautiful South
  • 63º
    Everyday is Like Sunday Morrissey
  • 64º
    Nobody's Twisting Your Arm The Wedding Present
  • 65º
    Pull Shapes The Pipettes
  • 66º
    The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • 67º
    Krokodil St. Vincent
  • 68º
    Heaven's on Fire The Radio Dept.
  • 69º
    I'm In Love With a Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist Another Sunny Day
  • 70º
    Suedehead Morrissey
  • 71º
    Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People
  • 72º
    Godsend Beat Happening
  • 73º
    You! Me! Dancing! Los Campesinos!
  • 74º
    Penelope Tree Felt
  • 75º
    My Moon My Man Feist
  • 76º
    Everybody Knows (Except You) The Divine Comedy
  • 77º
    Cousins Vampire Weekend
  • 78º
    Panic The Smiths
  • 79º
    Born on a Train The Magnetic Fields
  • 80º
    International Tweexcore Underground Los Campesinos!
  • 81º
    Vomit Girls
  • 82º
    Beatnik Boy Talulah Gosh
  • 83º
    Like Dylan in the Movies Belle and Sebastian
  • 84º
    Couldn't Feel Safer The Field Mice
  • 85º
    Unholy Soul The Orchids
  • 86º
    Bandages Hot Hot Heat
  • 87º
    Pop Songs You're New Boyfriend is Too Stupid to Know About Tullycraft
  • 88º
    Made-Up Lovesong #43 Guillemots
  • 89º
    C Is the Heavenly Option Heavenly
  • 90º
    What You Do to Me Teenage Fanclub
  • 91º
    Hey, Hey Girl Rocketship
  • 92º
    What Difference Does It Make? The Smiths
  • 93º
    Dreaming Allo Darlin'
  • 94º
    The Past is a Grotesque Animal Of Montreal
  • 95º
    Please Don't Play "A Rainy Night in Georgia" Twa Toots
  • 96º
    Block of Wood The Bats
  • 97º
    Norman and Narcissus Trixie's big Red Motorbike
  • 98º
    Brassneck The Wedding Present
  • 99º
    Hit The Sugarcubes
  • 100º
    Crash The Primitives